For the smallest skiers CRONIDO is the best possibility to make first experiences. According to a special didactical program the kids will be introduced gently into the world of skiing.

Throughby learning stories and diverting exercises learning becomes fun for everybody. Our stuff will accompany all kids in a professional and responsable way.

The program includes a ski-introduction in the morning, lunch in the kids restaurant and games in the afternoon.

The program is held in valley station at Reischach/ Riscone: The kids world CRONIWORLD and the kids park next to the lift Korer offer best conditions for first skiing steps.

The first day can be booked singularly as a trial day.

10.30am - 2.30pm
3 - 4 years

minimum 3 days

course start: until 18.12.2022: Only Monday

course start: from 18.12.2022 - 31.03.2023: Sunday or Monday

LEVEL for beginners

1 - 1,5 hours of ski introduction, lunch and games

min. 4 participants

special didactical program

6 days - 240,00 €

5 days - 220,00 €

4 days - 195,00 €

3 days - 165,00 €

trial day: 80,00 €




Prices 2022/23