Specialization teaching kids

The training for specialized children's ski instructors must meet certain criteria. Any serious training should provide the teaching skills and give the trainees the opportunity to stabilize them in their own teaching and to automate. Only then it is learned. Therefore, the duration of training includes the ideal case for almost a year.

Currently these requirements will be met only by specialization offered by the Snowsports Südtirol.


Number of specialized teachers per school(company)

between 10-30% of snow sports teacher at a school are specialized


Methodological and didactic teaching materials

Methodological and didactic aids are an important part in teaching with children. They complement the knowledge and enhance the teaching skills of teachers. Additionally they increase the motivation of students and help structuring the lesson, which facilitate the learning process.


Basic structures for teaching

The quality of teaching depends on the learning environment. This includes the organization of the company and its infrastructure. As the following structures are considered basically:

  • Kid's Park for beginners
  • Facilities of the park with all the necessary aids
  • Possibility of a gradual increase in the selection of the terrain
  • Aids for advanced teaching
  • Facilities for child care

All informations about the criteria, the methodology and the levels in teaching please visit