No. Our structures for beginners are all situated in valley, so beginners don’t need a ski pass the first day. But it could be that – if your teacher tells you- you have to make a point- ticket for the Korer- lift.

No, the skipass is not included in the price; it can be bought at the ticket offices which are situated in valley station.

In the ski school offices you can pay with card, just for babysitting in the KRONI restaurant you need to pay cash.

Using the right skiing technique you are able to control perfectly your skies. For yours and other people’s safety.

This depends on lots of factors as how trained you are, your age or your motivation. Physically active people learn easier than others, children of 3 years need more time than 6 year old children. Anyway, the more you practise, the better you will be.

A helmet is recommended for everybody, compulsory it is just for children and youngsters until 18 years.

The earlier, the better. Particularly if you want to book a specific teacher or to make your lesson a certain time, you should book early.

Yes. But only if all participants ski or ride snowboard on the same level. Otherwise it is not possible to realize a satisfactory lesson for everybody.

First experiences on skies children can make already at the age of 3 with our Cronido program. A ski course is possible for children older than 4 years, the Midi Club for children older then 5 years.

We offer snowboard lessons for children older than 6 years.

Yes, if they ski or ride snowboard on the same technical level. Otherwise it’s not possible.

The first day of the course, all participants are divided according to their age and ski or  snowboard skills. If during the course turns out, that the level of the group is not appropriate (to high or to low), the participant can change group.

Usually until 8 persons, in high season are possible also 10 participants.

Children, who are beginners don’t need skisticks. Advanced children can bring their sticks if they already skied with in a former course. Otherwise the teacher decides when the children need some.

If a child doesn’t like the food, it’s always possible to order pasta. If your child reacts allergic to something, please inform the staff in our offices immediately when you book the course; if you have the possibility, inform also the teacher or our staff in KRONI restaurant.

Usually you get back money only in case of illness or injury, showing a medical attest of a local doctor. For the small children who do the Cronido Program it’s possible and recommended to book a “trying- day”. In other cases we will do our best to find an appropriate solution.

We don’t hope so =) In case of illness or injury you get money back, showing a medical attest of a local doctor. Or, if it’s possible, you can postpone the lesson.

Private lessons and courses are made in all weathers; therefore it’s not possible to postpone the lesson or to get money back.

The best a bit before the lesson starts.

If you are late, call our office or come directly there. We will contact your teacher and define a new meeting point with him, where he picks you up as soon as possible.