Our mountain guides offer ski tours on every level in the Dolomites and in Tauferer Ahrntal/ Valle Aurina.


Tour proposals


EASY: 700 – 1.000 m of altitude

  • Hoher Mann (2.593m) – Gsies/ Val Casies
  • Kalksteinjöchl (2.300m) – Gsies/ Val Casies
  • Dürrenstein / Croda del Becco (2.800m) – Prags - Plätz Wiese/ Braies- Prato Piazza
  • Henne (2.475m) – Weißenbach/ Rio Bianco
  • Forcella della Neve (2.471m) – Misurina (Dolomiten)
  • Am Joch (2.405m) - Terenten/ Terento

PRICE: 150,00 € per person / min. 2 persons – max. 6 persons / alpine guide

The easy tours are offered as well with Snowshoes


MEDIUM: 1.000 – 1.300 m of altitude

  • Croda Formin (2.657m) – Cortina
  • Rotlahner (2.748m) – Gsies/ Val Casies
  • Oberbachernspitzen / Crode Fiscaline (2.675m) – Sexten/ Sesto
  • Blauspitze (2.555m) – St. Peter, Ahrntal/ San Pietro, Valle Aurina
  • Schientalkopf (2.774m) – Ahrntal, Kasern/ Casere, Valle Aurina

200,00 € per person / min. 2 persons – max. 5 persons / alpine guide


DIFFICULT: more than 1.300 m of altitude

  • Cristallo Scharte / Forcella del Monte Cristallo (2.808m)-Höhlensteintal/ Val di Landro
  • Magerstein / Monte Magro (3.273m) – Rein in Taufers/ Riva di Tures
  • V. Hornspitze (3.146m) – Weißenbach/ Rio Bianco
  • Sentinella Scharte / Passo della Sentinella (2.717m) – Sexten/ Sesto

300,00 € per person – max. 3 persons / alpine guide




Knowledge and practise are mostly important for avoiding danger in the mountains. Our guides offer you all their competence and knowledge about basic safety precautions: correct use of the LVS, meteorology and different snow conditions. Our package includes:

  • a theory evening (practise with LVS)
  • a daily skitour

Price: 99,00 € (5 persons)

Further information in our office.



Gliding on untouched slopes or riding extreme precipices – freeriding is one of the most emotional experiences in alpine skiing. However, beside the correct technique is necessary also the knowledge about safety precautions. The combination mountain guide and Freeride ski- instructor is new and promises to become a compete solution for freeriding.


Our package includes:

  • a theory evening (practise with LVS)
  • a daily freeride tour


Price: 109,00 € per person (5 persons)

Further information in our office.