Learning with Croni and his friends!

Hey kids! My name is Croni and I will introduce you to my friends on the Kronplatz who will teach you how to ski properly. If you are a beginner, Nuno the ski bunny accompanies you during your first steps on skiers, Snup the squirrel shows you how to ski with parallel skiers and if you can do all this already, the foxes Flip and Flop will teach you lots of tricks on skiers.





I live: on the Kronplatz/ Plan de Corones

My favourite colour: All colours
My favourite food: everything in the KRONI restaurant
That’s what I like: skiing
My friends: Nuno, Snup, Flip and Flop, Argus

This you will do with me: I will show you the Kronplatz/ Plan de Corones and you will meet all my friends and ski together with them





Green: ski bunny Nuno | Blue: squirrel Snup | Red: Flip e Flop foxes | Black: eagle Argus




Here I live: Skipark next to the lift Korer

My favourite colour: Green
My favourite food: Pizza
That’s what I like: hiding skiers
My friends: Croni, Snup, Daddy White Bear

This you will do with me: Games on one and two skiers, know the skipark, go on the magical carpet, stop and do first curves






Here I live: Lift Korer

My favourite colour: Blue
My favourite food: French Fries
That’s what I like: to imitate others, visit the zoo
My friends: Croni, Nuno, Family White Bear

This you will do with me: ski with parallel skiers







Here we live: On the top of Kronplatz/ Plan de Corones

Our favourite colour: Red
Our favourite food: Loacker biscuits
That’s what we like: be better than the others
Our friends: Croni, Snup

This you will do with us: ski on cool pists and learn lots of tricks






Here I live: on black pists and in the snowpark

My favourite colour: Black
My favourite food: Pasta
That’s what I like: ski on difficult pists and do tricks in the snowpark
My friends: Croni, Nuno, Family White Bear

This you will do with me: visit the snowpark, learn first freestyle elements